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Traditional Irish fiddle Teaching

Laurel was awarded a Traditional Arts apprenticeship grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for three consecutive years from 1990-1993 to study traditional Irish fiddle music with Master fiddler Seamus Connolly. This formal apprenticeship was designed to give Laurel the opportunity to study the old regional fiddle styles of Ireland, with the intention of preparing her to share her growing understanding of Irish music through her teaching. She has taught traditional Irish fiddling as a lecturer at Boston College since 1994, directs the traditional music ensemble “Fiddleheads” at Wellesley College, teaches privately and has led numerous workshops throughout the United States and abroad.

Laurel is a gifted and versatile teacher of traditional Irish music. She is experienced in conducting classes and lessons for musicians of various backgrounds, engaging her students in the traditional aural learning method. Her teaching combines skillful instruction in the technical elements of musicianship with a spirit of deep respect and enthusiasm for the old traditional styles.

Among Laurel's recent teaching projects are the teaching of private lessons in the Albany area on a monthly basis, and a once-a-month workshop that she teaches locally in the town of Groton. For more information about the Groton workshops and session series, see